Read It Again Wrap Up- October 19, 2018

Read It Again Wrap Up! Today's bestsellers were- The Island on Bird Street, The House on Mango Street, Night, Joyful Noise.
We have a light out in the kid's section. While my husband was playing with it, he shined his flashlight on the Nancy Drews.. And of course I made him stop, so I could take a picture. We have the best customers. One of our regulars noticed the light out and volunteered her husband to fix it. He can't fix it till Monday, so Mike's going to give it a try with the help of youtube. I've been telling people were setting the mood for Halloween. I don't think anyone bought it, but I'm trying. Soon we'll be replacing all the lights. Very exciting.
Author event- Tonight I was talking to our biggest Stephen King fan, about Mark Geyer coming on Nov 10th. She was so excited. I'm super excited. We are both super excited. Mark came in yesterday to say hi. He plans on bring some of the art work from, "The Green Mile" to sell. My husband was eyeing some of his architectural prints. The man is truly talented. Mark said he's currently working on an another book with Anne Rice.
You should come and meet him. He's really nice. The other day he donated a bunch of books to our teacher account. How awesome is that.