Read It Again Wrap Up- September 28th, 2018

Read It Again Wrap Up! Today's bestsellers were- Lord of The Flies, The Devil's Arithmetic, and $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal (ESL Book Club pick).
Today someone referred to us as a cult, but in a good way. People come in, we start talking, and they don't want to leave. She also meant that our customers keep coming back. A book cult, which my husband thought would make an interesting name for a bookstore. My daughter raised her fist in the air and said, "we accept sacrifices daily"...which is kind of true. People are always bringing us books to trade (We had a lot of sacrifices today!). I guess it also means that- like is attracted to like. It doesn't really matter where we come from or even what kind of books we read. Book people understand book people. Bookstores should be more than just a stop and shop. They should be a place to browse and to make new friends, start conversations, and make connections. Bookstores should be a community space filled with people who are just like you, book people.
A book cult. I'm going to be smiling about that for awhile.