Read It Again Wrap Up- September 5th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were- Of Mice and Men, The Breadwinner, and The Crucible.
This week I met a woman with whom I connected with instantly. She's in her early 80's and she is dyslexic. I'm not going to share her story, because its hers to tell, but I will tell you mine. You may have notice my posts always have typos. Well that is because I am dyslexic. So are both my parents. Did you know you shopped in a bookstore owned by a woman who failed the 3rd grade? In fact, I really couldn't read AT ALL until the 3rd grade. To this day I can't sound out words. I was never hooked on phonics. I read by memorization. If I haven't seen a word written before, I can't read it. I've had teachers and one professor tell me to my face, I was stupid. ( I'm not by the way.) So, back to the woman who came in... however bad I had it, she had it worse. (So did my parents.) In the 80s,people had an idea what dyslexia was. So we shaired our stories and held a hand for support and I teared up. I have the spelling level of about a 5th grader. My brain has compensated and I have learned to excel in other areas. I graduated high school, it wasn't easy. I graduated from Agnes Scott College, it really wasn't easy. Now I own a bookstore with my mother. It hasn't been easy, but we are successful. My disability may have slowed me down, but it has also made realize that I do my best work when I am challenged. And I have to tell you, not being able to spell while working in a bookstore is definitely a challenge