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A Conspiracy in Belgravia (The Lady Sherlock Series #2) By Sherry Thomas Cover Image
ISBN: 9780425281413
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Berkley - September 5th, 2017

A Conspiracy in Belgravia (Lady Sherlock #2) 

by Sherry Thomas Pub date 9/5/17 5 Star

 I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, so when I saw a new series this time with Lady Sherlock, I just had to read the first  A Study In Scarlet Women (4 Star) then the second in the series A Conspiracy in Belgravia. (5 Star)  I loved everything about these books. Ms. Thomas’ Victorian-set Lady Sherlock series has Charlotte Holmes playing the part of Sherlock Holmes along with Mrs. Watson and numerous other delightful characters. Book one sets the whole story up and book two takes off where book one ended and moves very fast and left me wishing for the next book in the series. Highly recommend.

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Secrets of the Tulip Sisters: The Perfect Beach Read of the Summer By Susan Mallery Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780373802760
Published: Hqn - July 11th, 2017

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

by Susan Mallery

I love Susan Mallery’s writing, it is smooth and draws you in. Almost like you are part of the family in the story. This is a story about family, messy relationships, forgiveness and love. I highly recommend. Please pick up a copy.

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Come Sundown: A Novel By Nora Roberts Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781250123077
Availability: Out of Print
Published: St. Martin's Press - May 30th, 2017

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts, Publishing date May 30, 2017

When it comes to Nora Roberts, I don’t read the blurb on what it is about, I just pick it up and start reading. In my opinion, she is just that good of a storyteller. The first chapter surprised me, with a violent kidnapping of a young woman, Alice, in the 1970’s who is held captive for years. The next chapter brings us to the present date, she leaves us wondering what ever happened to Alice. This is a story of horror that people can inflict upon others and the wonderful healing of love, friendship, and romance. The mystery and suspense were wonderful and I really enjoyed the read. Highly recommend!

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The Night the Lights Went Out By Karen White Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780451488381
Published: Berkley - April 11th, 2017

The Night the Lights Went Out
by Karen White 0451488385 5 Stars

What a great book! Absolutely loved the characters, especially Ms. Sugar and the stories she has to tell. The story takes place in Sweet Apple, Georgia and like all little towns, everyone knows everything. There is a secret blogger, murder, and love. What more could you ask for in a book? I highly recommend it!

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Slightly South of Simple: A Novel (The Peachtree Bluff Series #1) By Kristy Woodson Harvey Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501158056
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Gallery Books - April 25th, 2017

Slightly South of Simple: A Novel (The Peachtree Bluff Series)

Paperback by Kristy Woodson Harvey. Available April 25, 2017, 1501158058

A wonderful read! The first book in a trilogy. Takes place in Peachtree, GA and is the story of a mother and her three adult daughters along with grandchildren, who have all returned home for various reasons. Making the story bloom with drama and love. Lots of secrets revealed, leaving you wanting more. This is a story of family, love, sisterhood, and secrets. I highly recommend. 

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Windwitch: The Witchlands By Susan Dennard Cover Image
ISBN: 9780765379306
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Tor Teen - January 10th, 2017

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The Black Wolves of Boston By Wen Spencer Cover Image
ISBN: 9781481482462
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Baen - February 7th, 2017

The Black Wolves of Boston by Wen Spencer.

A light but tightly written story involving a 300-year-old hoarder vampire, a missing werewolf prince that was raised as a normal child, and mean witches that want to control everything, is just the beginning of a great and funny adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend.

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Walk on Earth a Stranger (Gold Seer Trilogy #1) By Rae Carson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062242921
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Greenwillow Books - September 6th, 2016

Walk on Earth a Stranger (Gold Seer Trilogy) by Rae Carson 9/6/2016 
PB Edition (First book in the Gold Seer Trilogy) (13 & up)

Historical fantasy trilogy set during the American gold rush era. 
The 1800’s with our protagonist, 15-year-old Leah and her parents living in an isolated area of Dahlonega, GA. Leah has the ability to sense gold and helps her parents in every way on their farm. This wonderful depiction of early life shows the strength and horrors that was life in the 1800’s. An excellent read and great adventure. Can’t wait for the next in the series.

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Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062310644
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: HarperTeen - June 7th, 2016

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

TRUST NO ONE! If only Mare can remember this. Mare lives in a world where the type of blood you have determines if you serve and barely survive or rule the kingdom. Mare has red blood and she must steal to help feed her family. Not only does silver blood rule but it comes with supernatural powers. A twist of fate puts Mare in front of the King and Queen and all discover she may have red blood but she has power. She is “something other”. Romance, intrigue, lots of action, and pulls you through to the end. Great book, highly recommend. Book 2 “Glass Sword” is available in paperback and “Kings Cage” is available in hardcover.

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The Garden of Small Beginnings By Abbi Waxman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399583582
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Berkley - May 2nd, 2017

The Garden of Small Beginnings

By Abbi Waxman Release date May 2 2017 5 Stars


Great read! Highly recommend. A good beach read that leaves you feeling good about life going on when we face tragedy. With great but quirky characters, and lots of laugh out loud moments. Amazing what digging in the dirt can do for you when life throws you curves.


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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: A Novel By Taylor Jenkins Reid Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501139239
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Atria Books - June 13th, 2017

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

By Taylor Jenkins Reid


I don’t know what to say so I’m going to say:  fabulous, could not put it down, really entertaining, did not see the ending coming, great for book clubs, good summer read and I highly recommend it.


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Beach House for Rent (The Beach House) By Mary Alice Monroe Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781501125461
Published: Gallery Books - June 20th, 2017

Beach House for Rent (The Beach House) Book 4

By Mary Alice Monroe 4.5 Stars


Reading this novel was like I was squirreled away in a comfy chair and entered Cara’s and Heather’s life and left mine. I truly enjoyed every minute of the read. The story line has plenty of emotional ups and downs as Cara deals with her loss and Heather with her fears. It brings these two women of different generations together to work through their pain and healing.  While this is book four in the series, it can be read as a stand alone and worth every minute of your time.

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Hunting Hour: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery By Margaret Mizushima Cover Image
ISBN: 9781683312772
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Crooked Lane Books - August 8th, 2017

Hunting Hour (Timber Creek K-9 Mystery, #3)

by Margaret Mizushima

This is my first book by Margaret Mizushima and unfortunately, it is # 3 in the series. I think to get the full effect of the series, I would recommend you start with book one. (which I will as soon as possible) I love finding new series and new authors especially about search dogs and their relationship with their partners. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Hope you enjoy it too.

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Bring Her Home By David Bell Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399584442
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Berkley - July 11th, 2017

Bring Her Home

by David Bell 3.5 Stars

This is a good summer mystery, while I enjoyed it, I found it very predictable. For me, I have to feel something for the characters and I didn’t like any of them. This story is about a parent's worst nightmare, a missing teen. I imagine that each of us would react differently to this situation. This is the second book I have read by Mr. Bell, and look forward to others. I would highly recommend the book.

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Hide and Seek (A Helen Grace Thriller #6) By M. J. Arlidge Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399586842
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Berkley - October 10th, 2017

4.5 Star! Loved this book and couldn't put it down. Must warn this is a series. Cannot wait for the next book! 

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Mind Game: A Novel (Eve Duncan #22) By Iris Johansen Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781250075857
Availability: Out of Print
Published: St. Martin's Press - October 24th, 2017

Iris Johansen is just so talented. Love all of her books and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Please pick up a copy!

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Promise Not to Tell By Jayne Ann Krentz Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780399585272
Published: Berkley - January 2nd, 2018

Promise Not to Tell

Jayne Ann Krentz


January 2, 2018



Another great book from Ms. Krentz! I love all her books, whether she is writing as Jayne Ann Krentz,  Amanda Quick or Jayne Castle. I love her stories, strong female characters, and writing style. I recommend her every chance I get. Promise Not to Tell, is a contemporary romantic-suspense with a great plot with plenty of twists and turns. Please put her on your reading list.


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If I Run By Terri Blackstock Cover Image
ISBN: 9780310332435
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Zondervan - February 16th, 2016

If I Run (If I Run Series)

by Terri Blackstock  

What a great series!  The first book opens with Casey finding her boyfriend Brent, dead. He had called her and told her he found more information about her father's death. However, by the time she arrives, he has been killed. She knows that she can’t call the police and her DNA is all over his house. There is no choice but to run. I loved the whole mystery, bits, and pieces of the backstory come out as the story unfolds. Great twists and turns in this wonderful suspenseful mystery. Looking forward to the next book in the series.


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If I'm Found (If I Run #2) By Terri Blackstock Cover Image
ISBN: 9780310332497
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Zondervan - March 21st, 2017

If I'm Found

By: Terri Blackstock

This is such a great story, the second in the series. I love the writing, The smart and savvy Casey as she helps others and tries not to get caught. A great read and a good mystery.


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The Falconer: Book One of the Falconer Trilogy By Elizabeth May Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781452128771
Published: Chronicle Books - December 15th, 2015

The Falconer: Book One of the Falconer Trilogy

By Elizabeth May


December 15, 2015


Absolutely wonderful read! This book has everything to grab you and keep you reading as you set foot in another time and place. Imagine a beautiful well mannered young lady who takes tea in the afternoon and seeks revenge for the murder of her mother by the fairies at night. A historical setting, some steampunk tech, with romance and humor. My kind of book. This is now out in paperback and the next in the series is in hardcover.  I think it is one of the best YA’s I have read in awhile.  4-½ Stars

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Need to Know: A Novel By Karen Cleveland Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781524797027
Published: Ballantine Books - January 23rd, 2018

Need To Know

By Karen Cleveland

HC Jan. 23, 2018

If this is the first book by Ms. Cleveland, I think we are in for a treat in whatever she writes in the future. While this book was not my favorite, I would still hand sell and recommend to anyone who enjoys a good a good thriller with some twists and turns. While I realize I can't have everything, I really enjoy a strong female protagonist, and while she gave off that was not real. Kind of frightening that this actually could happen. Enjoy the book!

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The French Girl By Lexie Elliott Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780399586934
Published: Berkley - February 20th, 2018

The French Girl

by Lexie Elliott

Feb 20, 2018

3- 1/2 stars


My favorite character in this whole book was Severine, our murdered French girl, who appears to follow Kate Channing around, one of the main suspects in her murder. To me, this makes the story more interesting.


Ten years ago six friends take a trip to the French countryside to celebrate the finish of college. They meet Severine, our French girl from next door. Apparently, Severine throws a wrench into the personal relationships of our group of friends, and as the week passes friendships are tested. Ten years later the police from France show up to investigate the murder of Severine.

This is a slow paced mystery - thriller with a satisfying ending.


'Round Midnight: A Novel By Laura McBride Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781501157783
Published: Atria Books - May 2nd, 2017

'Round Midnight: by Laura McBride
A must read! Excellent writing, enjoyable characters. This all takes place in Vegas in the 50’s. Black people were welcomed to perform but not stay in the hotels. A very racist time in the early years of a growing Vegas. The author weaves the story of four women and the time they stayed in Vegas, to give you a gripping picture of the time and wonderful stories of the ladies and how their lives intertwine.  I highly recommend this book

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Burn Bright (Alpha and Omega #5) By Patricia Briggs Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780425281314
Published: Ace - March 6th, 2018

Burn Bright

by Patricia Briggs

March 6, 2018, 5 star

Ms. Briggs always delivers! Characters that you care about. A storyline that grips and holds your attention, emotion, and a well thought out plot and when you turn the last page you wish there were more pages to the book. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Happy reading!

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Tempests and Slaughter (The Numair Chronicles, Book One) By Tamora Pierce Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375847110
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Random House Books for Young Readers - February 6th, 2018

Tempests and Slaughter

(The Numair Chronicles #1)

by Tamora Pierce, 5 Stars

Publishing date: February 6, 2018


When I finished the book, I paused and thought do I have time to read it again? At that time the answer was no, however, just like all of her other books I will read this one again and maybe again. The storyline just flows and with likable, well-developed characters and it gives you that feeling there is no one but you and the book in the room. As you can tell I loved this book, and can’t wait for the next in the series.

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Dead of Winter: A Lily Dale Mystery By Wendy Corsi Staub Cover Image
ISBN: 9781683313335
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Crooked Lane Books - November 7th, 2017

Dead of Winter

A Lily Dale Mystery

by: Wendy Corsi Staub

November 7, 2017

3 Stars

An OK cozy mystery. Starting in the middle of a series is hard. Maybe if I had read the first two I would have enjoyed it more. The two young boys held my attention, as did the quirky town. A light and enjoyable read.


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The Space Between the Stars By Anne Corlett Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780399585111
Published: Berkley - June 13th, 2017

The Space Between the Stars
by Anne Corlett
June 13, 2017

After giving the first 25% of the book my full attention, I will admit skimming the balance. Even then it took me two days of skimming to get the same feeling I had in the first 25% of the book. This is not a sci-fi story, it is just the location. I think it was a wonderful premise for the book, but the direction it took was not what I was looking for. Everyone is spread throughout the world and the stars and a virus wipes out potentially 90% of the population, or so we think. Turning each person to ash. Yes, we have survivors and everyone is concerned that the population will continue to grow. In fact, everyone has an opinion on everything. This is a story that makes you think: what would you do?
I think I would have turned to ash.

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The Great Alone: A Novel By Kristin Hannah Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312577230
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: St. Martin's Press - February 6th, 2018

The Great Alone

By Kristin Hannah

Feb 6, 2018, 5 Star


Absolutely fabulous!

I think the biggest compliment I can pay an author is to tell them I felt like I was part of the story, I was there, maybe an unknown character in the background just looking on. I did not want this book to end. The story is told through the eyes of the 13-year-old daughter, Leni, who has a close bond with her mother, as she grows and watches her father deal or not deal with his survival as a POW of Vietnam, struggling through PTSD, alcohol dependency, and domestic violence. He is absolutely positive that the move to Alaska will be the best thing for them. They are totally unprepared to deal with the isolation, the cold, the lack of food but the comradery, the closeness of the people in this small town shows the strength everyone has and their efforts to help this family on its feet. Leni learns from this as she grows and turns her into a strong independent woman. This is a wonderful story and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


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If I Live (If I Run #3) By Terri Blackstock Cover Image
ISBN: 9780310332541
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Zondervan - March 6th, 2018

If I Live

By Terri Blackstock

Pub date: March 6, 2018


I really enjoyed this trilogy. I love suspense and Ms. Blackstock does an excellent job of it. I normally read romantic suspense, mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal. (yes, I have very eclectic reading tastes. So this series was out of my normal selection, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the third book in the series and I recommend that you read them in order. I love the characters; Casey and Dylan, they manage to build a relationship with each other and God. Even as the danger increases and they have no idea who to trust. This book ties everything up and answers all the questions yet keeps the suspense intense. I highly recommend this great series.

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Then She Was Gone: A Novel By Lisa Jewell Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781501154645
Published: Atria Books - April 17th, 2018

Then She Was Gone
By Lisa Jewell
Pub date: April 24, 2018
4 star

I have never read this author, however, she will be on my radar from now on. I thought the book was well written, kept my attention from the first page and I was anxious to return to reading anytime I had to deal with real life. The story is told from different POV’s, which I enjoy. Of course, the story is about a mother’s worst nightmare, her 15-year-old daughter does not come home from the library. The years pass and have torn the family apart. After 10 long years, the mother, Laurel Mack ventures out and meets a man, Floyd, who she begins to fall in love with when she is introduced to his daughters the youngest is the image of her daughter. I have to say that Laurel handles this well. Slowly she starts to dig for more information. Could the meeting between her and Floyd have been a setup? Ok, that is all I am leaving you with, except, that I love the way the book flows and I love the ending. Happy reading!

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By the Book: A Book Club Recommendation! By Julia Sonneborn Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501175183
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Gallery Books - February 6th, 2018

By the Book

By Julia Sonneborn

Pub date: Feb. 6, 2018


I enjoyed the book, loved the characters. Our protagonist, Anne, is a struggling professor who is working hard to put together a book, required by her department to get tenure. Who knew how hard it was to get tenure, low pay, high student loans, and have a life to boot. Her best friend, Larry is a hoot!. But it turns out the new President of the college is her ex-fiance, and she runs into him everywhere she goes. And still holds a torch for him. This is a cute story,  fun characters, and I would recommend it.


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Daughters of the Storm By Kim Wilkins Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780399177477
Published: Del Rey - March 6th, 2018

Daughters of the Storm 
By Kim Wilkins  
Pub date: March 6, 2018

I loved this book!  Five daughters of the king, each one very different from the others. Each with something that makes them “special”. When the king falls into a coma, they all descend on the kingdom to help find out what is wrong. The king remarried after losing the mother of his daughters, to a woman that he loves and she loves him. However, not everyone believes she can be trusted. They have a son, old enough to take over for the king, who has his own agenda. In fact, there are so many different stories going on, All going on as they try to find out what is wrong with the king.  This is what makes this book special. Imagine, five women, five talented women each with secrets of their own fill the story with twists and turns and a stepbrother who is one moment good and the next bad. For me, this made a delightful, fast-paced read. Never knowing where the story was heading. I can not wait for the next one. In fact, I wish I had it in my hand. Will just have to re-read this one!. Happy reading. In my excitement...I hope I entice you to pick up a copy!

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The Sixth Day (A Brit in the FBI #5) By Catherine Coulter, J.T. Ellison Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501138171
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Gallery Books - April 10th, 2018

The Sixth Day (A Brit in the FBI, #5) 
by Catherine Coulter; J.T. Ellison 
5 Star
While I think that this is the best book of the series, I have to be honest and say that each one has been the best. This time Mike and Nick are in England, and someone is killing well known political figures, a drone is spotted just before another political figure drops to the ground, lucky enough pictures are taken and Nick/Nicholas is off and running to trace the drone to its owner. Mike / Michaela is doing her part in chasing down the mastermind behind the killings. Leading her to potential twins whos ancestry traces back to Dracula. This is an action-packed thriller from two of my favorite authors. If you haven't started this series I encourage you to pick up a copy of the first Brit in the FBI. Great read!

#twins, Dracula, twin language, drones, death #action-packed thriller

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The Boy on the Bridge By M. R. Carey Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9780316300346
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Orbit - February 20th, 2018

The Boy on the Bridge
M. C. Carey
Pub date: May 2, 2017

I loved this book! I also loved The Girl with All the Gifts too. This a prequel to the second title I listed and just as good as the first book. It appears to take place 20 years or so before TGWATG. For those of you who read the first book, remember they found an RV Named Rosie, well, this group of scientists and crew of military are on the Rosie traveling to see if they can find the reason and cure for “hungries” or (AKA) zombies. Naturally, the scientists and the military have different agendas. Which give the book some intrigue. One of the scientists is pregnant, and in the military group, there is a traitor. There is also a young boy with probably Asperger’s who is incredibly smart and savvy. This spells great a great read, lots of action, and a wonderful ending. I hope that you add this book to your reading list.

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The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch) By Rin Chupeco Cover Image
ISBN: 9781492635857
Availability: Available online. Call store for local availability.
Published: Sourcebooks Fire - March 20th, 2018


The Heart Forger

By Rin Chupeco

Pub Date: March 6, 2018


I loved The Bone Witch, but The Heart Forger I would give 6 stars. It was that good.I have to say these are “my” type of books. I have read every genre and would stick to one style for years, now I read all over, so if someone looked at what I read, he or she would say I have a very eclectic taste. However, The Bone Witch and The Heart Forger are two of the best books I have read in a long time. Book one took a long time to build the world of an Aisha, light, and dark. The second book brings us more of Tea learning who she is and has the comfort of her brother and friends who help her. The second book starts with Tea on the beach, raising dangerous creatures while telling her story to a Bard. What a brave Bard. So we have a future and a past in the storytelling. Ms. Chupeco has brought the young Tea and now the more experienced Tea together along with all the wonderful other characters in the book. There is so much happening in these books, so much tension, excitement, which way is she headed, gray or dark. And the characters have so much personality that you fall in love with each one.  I loved the book and highly recommend it, but you must start with The Bone Witch.

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Not That I Could Tell: A Novel By Jessica Strawser Cover Image
This book is not currently available.
ISBN: 9781250107886
Availability: Out of Print
Published: St. Martin's Press - March 27th, 2018

Not that I Could Tell

By Jessica Strawser

Pub date: March 27, 2018


I thought the book was excellent. Good characters that you liked, rooted for and any mother could relate to. It all started when the ladies of the neighborhood found that the baby monitors worked so that they all could meet to relax with a glass of wine after the kids were in bed. Everything was great, maybe too much wine and too much information was shared, but when everyone left to go home for the evening all was well. In the morning one of the neighbors, Kristin, and her set of 4-year-old twins were gone. While Kristin and her soon to be divorced husband, Paul are really the meat of the story, there are other storylines going on. Their two close neighbors, Clara and Izzy try to understand what happened.  There were lots of surprises in the book and the ending...well it was a surprise and really good. However, it left you feeling you might not know your neighbors as well as you think. Everyone has secrets. I rooted for all three ladies throughout the book. I still think about them! Isn’t that what a good author does. She did a great job!

#great story # NetGalley


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Good Luck with That By Kristan Higgins Cover Image
ISBN: 9780451489395
Availability: Unavailable
Published: Berkley - August 7th, 2018


Good Luck with That

By Kristan Higgins

Pub date: Aug 8, 2018, 5 stars

#GoodLuckWithThat #NetGalley


About the third chapter, I asked myself why I continued to read such a depressing book. By the time I got to the fourth chapter, I was hooked! I am so glad that I continued to read this fabulous book. By the time I got to the end of the book, I kept saying; “don’t end” “don’t end”. I think this book will stay with me for years.

There are three main characters, Marley, Georgia and Emerson, Oh, there is also OE, Other Emerson. Emerson writes in her diary every day and it is “Dear Other Emerson”. She pours her heart out to OE and shares with her all the wrongs she has done or perceives to have done to herself. She knows that she is dying, she is over 600 pounds and it’s too late to save herself. Sounds depressing? But it’s not. It’s sad at times, downright laugh out loud funny, warm and full of love.

Marley, Georgia, and Emerson met at “Fat Camp”. Looking back each says that it was the only time they were really happy. Their last year there, they came up with a list of things they would do if they ever got thin. Not one item on the list was hard, all easy things for people who have a good sense of self would be able to do. Like, let a stranger buy you a drink, or have dessert in public. Shop in a regular store, not a store for fat people. Emerson kept the list and put it in an envelope to give to Marley and Georgia when they came to the hospital to see her. This is really where the real story begins. This is not a story about fat shaming but a story about self-discovery, acceptance, love, friendship, and family. There is so much going on in this book I would give it 10 stars if possible. Put it on your to be read list, request from your library, order from your favorite bookstore, it is so worth your time. We all can learn something from this wonderful book.