In Store Book Pricing

Our Pricing-

Our used paperbacks are priced on the front cover in green grease pencil. (Don’t worry it wipes off)

Our used hardbacks are priced inside, on the first page.

If you have store credit, you can use your credit for up to half the price of our used books. So if the book is $5.00, you only pay $2.50, and $2.50 will come out of your account.

If you can’t find a hand written price on a book, it’s probably new. In which case it’s discounted.

All new books are discounted.

  -New adult hardbacks are 20% off.

  -New paperbacks are 10% off.

  -New children’s books are 10% off.

  -New books for school are 20% off.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at-  770.232.9331