Trade Policy

If you have a handful of books, you can bring them in anytime. If you have a bag or a box, please make an appointment

Trade-ins must be clean, with no mildew or water damage, ripped pages or covers. Hardbacks must have their original dust jacket. We do not take: magazines, Reader’s Digest, encyclopedias, CDs, coloring books, or series romance. We no longer take audiobooks. If we have too many copies of a book, we may not take it.

Sorry, but we do not give cash for books.

However, we do give store credit. Store credit can only be applied to used books.
For paperbacks, we give 25% of the publisher’s price in store credit. 

For example- for a $8.00 book, you’ll get $2.00 in store credit.
($8.00 X .25 = $2.00)

For hardbacks, we price the book, then give you 25% of our price.

When you use your credit- you always pay half the price of the book.

The sale is always 50/50.

For example- if you were to buy a used book for $5.00... $2.50 would come out of your pocket and $2.50 would come out of your store credit.

We always take back the books you bought from us and give you credit, even if we have too many copies.

-Bringing in Books-

The best time to bring in books is during the week, especially in the late afternoon.
If you bring in books on Saturday we may not be able to get to enter them while you wait. We don't take trade-in appointments on Sundays. You can bring us a few books, but not a big bag or box. We use Sunday to catch up on books that came in over the week.

When you bring in books, please leave them in their box or bag, along with the name your account is under.
All our books are in inventory, which means we enter each book as it comes in. We also keep track of your store credit and any books you’ve placed on request.
Sometimes... we can’t take all the books you bring in, but we’ll always offer to donate what we can’t take. We donate books to several charities in our area, however most of our donations go to Forsyth County Libary. 

We know your books are important, any books you leave with us to donate, will end up in a good home. No book is ever abandoned.

If you rather take your books home than donate them, we ask that you wait for us to finish before you leave.

Our store policy is, that if you leave books to be picked up later, we'll donate them by closing that day. Sorry, but we just don’t have the room.  

You cannot use your credit on new books or gifts, only used books. Think of it as used for used. You bring in used books, you can use your credit on used books.

Your account will expire one year from the date of your last transaction. 

-The Kinds of books we take-
-We LOVE literature, as well as anything the kids have to read for school.
-Textbooks are fine, but nothing older than a few years.
-Non-fiction must be recent.
-Books must be clean, have no mildew or mold, have all of their pages, tight bindings, and the front and back covers.